Thursday, April 26, 2012


Off into the sunset! Heading west across the Tasman Sea back to Syndey!


The Sea Princess rounded the southern tip of NZ in the night. In the morning, we were ready for Dusky and Doubtful Sound and finally Milford Sound before we headed into the sunset.
Everybody was heading to the waterfall. The ship above is the large Pacific Dawn.
It is dwarfed at the fjord wall.


The train station is the most impressive building in Dunedin. Only two trains per day and they are for tourists.
 Nicely detailed mosaic floor and theme appropriate windows.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Pohutukawa trees - I presume.
MrsWhiskers wrote on cruisecritic:
As a business owner, resident & member of the local business promotions I can tell you we have enjoyed hosting cruise ships ...
I am just back from a meeting where we were told that Akaroa was the #1 NZ destination for cruise passenger satisfaction. Really good to hear as a lot of effort went in by the locals.
There are at least 87 ships booked for the coming season so I hope we can keep up the good work.
 We were two large ships in every NZ port.

Akaroa's Animals

You may ot know this secret place, but Akaroa is a gem.  
We took a nature tour to see blue penguins. The one below is still moulting and therfore in one of the three hundred nests that the farming family has built in their valley. The sea lion above lounged on the rocky beach.
 Merino wool is happy to have a coat on this blistering day.
 The farmhouse

Monday, April 23, 2012

Views from above Wellington


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. We were lucky that my cousin and her husband picked us up at the cruise ship. That's how we got to see the city and its surroundings without hanging out with 2000 other passengers.

At first, we went to the beautiful Old St.Paul Church, a masterpiece of woodwork.

Our next stop was the parliament, the new and the old part. The old part had to be retrofitted for earthquake resistance. What an expensive job to fit moving feet underneath! No worries! The building is not going to run off into the mountains or dive into the sea.