Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Pets

Pleco is our first Floridian pet. His job: eat the algae in the courtyard pond.

"Plecos, Hypostomus punctatusare, widely known as "the" algae eater at the fish store. Though it is seldom they tell you that they grow to be a foot long and will destroy your plants as they get bigger. They have also been known to get a bit more aggressive as they get older. They do a decent job of cleaning."

Not really pets but exciting. None of these predators would pose for us. All are elusive, but we saw you guys!

Bald eagle on a power pole behind the clubhouse.
Black bear on route 19 in the Ocala National Forest.

Bobcat, coyote, and coral snake were in our backyard, but the photos were found in the net. The coyote is considered a nuisance in Florida. Bobcats fight for survival, and coral snakes are highly venomous, shy, and beautiful. Photos found in the web.

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