Friday, April 3, 2009

Niue - Our Motel

There is much I could write about this island formed like a birthday cake. It is a makatea - a raised atoll, has about 1300 inhabitants, lots of unspoiled nature, the cleanest water you can imagine, a paradise for divers and tourists who like to take walks. We were only about 20 tourists. The others were a group of Kiwi retirees and of OZ divers.We stayed in the Coral Gardens Motel. Very clean and nice accommodation. You can cook because there is a kitchenette.

View from our balcony
The supply freighter is in. The dock was damaged in a storm, therefore the ship has to be unloaded by barge.
Another Driver's Licence, but we wouldn't have needed it because the police don't work on the weekends.

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