Monday, May 17, 2010

Morikami (3)

The Morikami Museum and Gardens are on land donated by George Sukeji Morikami. In 1904, Jo Sakai organized a group of Japanese farmers who founded the Yamato colony in Palm Beach county. Yamato is an ancient name for Japan.
These farmers tried to make a go of farming the land, but had to give up in the 1920's, only George Morikami stayed.
When George ws in his 80s, he donated land to Palm Beach County with the wish that it be used as a park to preserve the memory of the Yamato Colony.

The Morikami, with its unique gardens and collections, is one of Palm Beach County's most treasured cultural attractions.

Of the four gardens we visited, the Morikami is the most beautiful with the best vistas. It is also the one requiring the most maintenance. There is barely a bush that wasn't shaped into just the right configuration to provide the best view.

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