Thursday, September 23, 2010

We went to see Harry Potter ...

Before Harry entered the Wizarding School, he lived with his mean Mugle (non wizard) relatives. One day, an owl delivered a letter to him. Look into the rafters where the owls are waiting for their assignments. Of course, there is the greatest little candy store. We couldn't find any weird flavors, however. Before he could go to the wizarding school, he had to buy a wand. The actor in this small store did a great job selecting and 'selling' wands to two young brothers, a really nice feature in the park. Finally, Harry arrives at his school. The inside has a really cool ride, sort of a low rollercoaster with soaring video. I need to close my eyes throughout most of the ride.The school's choir was superb, very likely opera trained voices.Inside the school in the waiting line for the ride. We were allowed to cut in line because we had two birthday babies with us.

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