Saturday, December 10, 2011


We took a tour to see the highlightsof Manaus.
Since its heyday was over 100 years ago during the rubber boom, Manaus has sunk into poverty and is only now rising again. The city builds apartments for slum dwellers and has transformed one former favela (slum) into a park.
This manion was built by a German rubber baron and is now a government building.
The famous opera house
A favela
The city seen from the river. The Azamara Journey is a sister ship of the Regatta.
All city streets were choked with traffic.
These young guys are on their way from the city market to the river where boats are loaded.
If you look closely at the left, you can see the underpass the young guys are using to get to the river.
The banks of the Rio Negro are filled with boats of all sizes. Manaus is on the Rio Negro, not on the Amazon. The water of the Rio Negro is so acidic that it does not support mosquito larva, hence no mosquitos in Manaus.
In the rainy season, the river rises up to the black line.

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