Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Guy- Bad Guy

No, not these two guys. Check out the seed pod.

Extremely prolific and armed with barbs, tropical soda apple (TSA) of the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes) multiplies like rabbits in Australia. Its unripe fruit is pretty like a watermelon of cherry tomato size. The yellow ripe fruit will disperse plenty of tiny seeds with a 95% germination rate. Seeds are known to survive a cow’s stomach and are viable for three years! What an admirably tough plant that you don’t want in your yard. Touch only with sturdy gloves because thorns are everywhere including at the base of the fruit.

Passion flower is a native, perfect fo the caterpillars that become beautiful Gulf Fritillary butterflies. Since passion flower is a rambunctious grower, you may want to buy one of the tamer versions for your garden. Avoid red except for Lady Margret. All the other red passifloras are toxic to caterpillars. Very good for people who hate butterflies.

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