Monday, December 15, 2008


It's not 'our' railroad, but that's how it probably looked like coming around the corner:

While I was googling for the former railroad running through Legacy, I heard a train whistle. Might that have been a ghost train? Google found a website on ghosts in Okahumpka where 'our' railroad originates:

"Hello. I have an update on the train whistle. Yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon I actually heard that train whistle while I was on 33. It was so close that I actually slowed down pretty fast. I then looked in the fields on both sides for some tracks or a train. I did not see anything. I have heard trains before and was always curious if there was a train track around Mascotte or Leesburg. That is when I found this site. It is definitely exciting.
Submitted by Michelle

I live on Fourth Street in Okahumpka. If you look up my side of Fourth st on mapquest or Tom Tom they do not show the road but the old railroad tracks that used to be where my road now is. The train depot was where my nieghbors house now stands. Anyone in this nieghborhood could tell you that late at night you can still hear the whistle of the train. The ghost of a young girl with braided pig tails can sometimes be seen walking down the now paved road walking away from the direction of the old train depot. Once I was outside when she appeared. The air seemed
to feel heavy and I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and when I looked up there she was walking with her back to me. She never looks up but always looks at her feet as she walks.
Submitted by P, 34 years old"

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