Saturday, January 3, 2009


Historic Society off Main Street Main Street
The side streets are home to several businesses. Main Street
Founded in 1857, Leesburg is Lake County's oldest city and used to be the largest town in the county.

The Lee family bought property in what is now the heart of Leesburg from Thomas Robertson who came to the area 11 years before. One of the Lee brothers ordered material for the family log store and needed an address which he gave as "Leesburg".

Isn't it great to have roses blooming downtown in the middle of winter?

The city maintains downtown in a beautiful old Floridian style with sabal plams, crepe myrtles, and wrought iron signs.

Businesses are struggling to survive. Two small cafes, a fruit store, a dance school in the former movie theater, a few clothing and antique stores, and a high quality outdoor furniture store make a living.

Of course, there is a bank, but there are also store fronts for rent, and a large building is for sale. The brand new public library does a brisk business right in the heart of town.

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