Friday, January 23, 2009

Fountain of History

As it behooves a town t/dripping history, fountains old are preserved and new ones built. The town is represented by the lady. The bunny is one of the children's favorite figures. 'Lake bunny' (seriously) is what the people here call themselves. It's also the name of the local train, the TV and the radio stations.
The three birds of a feather symbolize the three popes the Konstanz Council replaced with a new one. It took state and church four years to reorganize from 1414 -1418, execute reformer Johan Hus despite the emperor's promise to protect his life, produce lots of illegitemate children, and keep the entire region hopping, the absolute highlight in this small town's entire life.

The horse is a great hit. All the visiting children want to ride on it

The other statues are all memories of the town's illustrous past, kings, emperors, whoever made the who's who list in the last one thousand years.

Did I mention that Konstanz has been in existence with her present name for 2 000 years? The Romans founded it as a castellum to protect the ford, but people have lived here since neolithic times.

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