Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the Courtyard (2)

My friend's Magi amaryllis thrives in the courtyard and has the most gorgeous red of all the amaryllis I have ever had (and killed). This is the first amaryllis that has ever survived a winter in my care.Our blue water lily has courageously sent up a bloom as well.The creeping red cat's tail in the forefront loves its place. We hope that the red hibiscus will do just as well.
So far, our coconut palm (at the left) has survived all cold spells unscathed. I wonder when it will explode out of its clay pot.The dwarf cavendish bananas tasted delicious but not better than storebought bananas. Both plants sent up multiple pups after we told them that we would replace them with a better banana.We planted our Schefflera in the ground. It was given to us by our realtor 30 years ago when we bought the NJ house. At that time, it was small in a planter with several other green stuff that has since gone to plant heaven. If I hadn't cut it back regularly, it would have swallowed our house several times over. At one time, it bloomed and had blue berries which became so messy that I cut off the blooms the following year.The areca palm and the variegated ginger are in bloom. The christmas cactus turned red in the Florida sun - it sits in shade most of the day and under a screen!

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