Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last year's gaillardia = blanket flower produced sterile seed (what kind was that anyway?) and only one of the sprawling plants came back. I like this replacement. The Meyer lemon tree bit the dust. Only the wild growth beneath the graft came back with a vengeance. The new guy on the block is still tiny: a sambokan lemon.Our Chinese fan palm was successfully set on its way to plant heaven by "you know who you are." I managed to finish it off. Now, its spot is graced by a calamondin orange which grows as a bush and is supposed to survive temperature drops if we believe one book or will die if we believe another book. Calamondins become marmalade.
Calamondin oranges are more sour than lemons. I was secretly declared insane by the nursery owner who ordered the plant for me. Secretly because she is a Southerner who would never ever make impolite remarks to anybody's face.

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