Friday, May 29, 2009

Tongan Markets (3)

They are headed to the flea market whose wares looked suspicously like the clothing we discard in containers over here.


Petra said...

I must say - perfect recycling. Starts out as wrapping for cargo, then becomes a wrapper for a person.

And quite a stylish one, too, in it's own unique way.

I love that. :-)

Advisor said...

Don't they look tattered like used wrapping paper? Actually, they are made for clothing. They just don't hold up too well.
Tonga is fascinating, but my feelings towards its people are mixed.

Petra said...

They look as if they were made out of some plant material. Bast fibers? That would explain why they go shabby so quickly.

The only Tongans I know are Rugby players; all huge and hulking, gifted players and very, very friendly.

Advisor said...

The mats are made of pandanu leaves.

Many Tongans and Polynesians in general have a powerful physique with broad shoulders.