Thursday, February 18, 2010

Safari (2)

Delicious soursop Our driver and guide served soursop, oranges, sweet grapefruit, coconuts, ginger cake, cocos cake, starfruit, and rum punch!
Decorative ginger
Our view from the picnic spot. Check out the small homes for poor people in a former sugar cane field and the pier with the two cruise ships. Ours is the smaller one on the right.Tree with bean fruit.
Sister island Nevis in the background and the airport. Gum trees were planted on all plantations sicne their sap provided important "glue" material.
The gardens of the plantation homes have mango trees, here in bloom. Mango tree with fruit. Mangos are high in sugar and boast performance when doing the dreaded work of cutting cane (according to our hiking guide in St. Martin).

This palm protects its fruit.

Firespike, beloved by humming birds.

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