Saturday, March 13, 2010


The crew bade farewell with "the wave" where representatives fo the 44 nations of our crew went on stage, plus the captian, teh hotel Director, and the Chief Mechanic. Our Greek captain holds the microphone.
About the crew: very friendly, competent. You can sail with the Azamara Journey any time and you will be taken care of. The passengers looked like a 55+ community. Most were frequent cruisers, many couldn't care less about the islands. They cared about the balmy weather, the agreeable company, and the good food. At least three passengers needed wheelchairs, quite a few had walkers or canes. A lot did not take the ship's shore excursions, some took taxis, most just walked around the town. Miami welcomed us early in the morning with a cover of low clouds. We will return to my usual coverage tomorrow!

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