Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Freight

The Aranui is the lifeline of the Marquesas. In Ua Pou, our first Marquesan island, she is tied up at the pier. Ua Pou always orders a lot of merchandise which is unloaded with the ship's cranes. The freight holds are partially opened.The townhall is being rebuilt, so construction material was unloaded here.
At the end of the trip when Ua Pou is our last Marquesans island, the freight holds are almost empty except for the fruit sent to homesick relatives in Tahiti.
Airconditioned containers serve as stores on the piers of Hiva Oa and NukuHiva.
More gifts for Marquesans who live in Tahiti.
On Papeete's pier, relatives line up for their packages.

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